Savings challenges.

People have been wondering how I do things like fund a random trip by train to New York to go touring for a day and my pencil habit.  I’ll admit I don’t have a specific way…yet.  The pencils themselves came out of my allowance I had saved, and my comic habit suffered a little in exchange.  So be it.  

      First off my wife and I use the envelope system for some things and a budget on the rest.  We run a little bit of investment here and there nothing big, it really amounts to just multiple savings for the time being.  However to do things like randomly adventure it is a good idea to have a side savings, so this is what I looked and found.  The weekly savings challenge and the daily penny challenge.   

The weekly challenge starts at 1.00$. The increment increases by a dollar every week.  The idea is that you stuff this amount in a jar.  Now I started a new bank account, and jars (having free checking will help the bank account part.)  The amount does start to get higher, by the time you’ve done half of this you are putting 26$ in a week and it keeps growing.  The touted savings after one year is 1378.00$ which is nothing to scoff at. 

     The penny challenge is daily.  It starts at 0.01$ and doubles everyday.  This is where the envelope system and doing our allowances in cash comes in handy.  We already have a decent stash of change on hand to carry this out, but I am guessing that it will evaporate pretty quickly into those jars as the amounts go up.  I am doing the jar and bank account for this one as well.  The savings at the end of it is supposed to be 667.95$.  This is also a decent little savings.  

  However these are challenges, and these are the difficulties I see coming.

  1. Remembering to do something daily or weekly is usually a short lived challenge.
  2. Having the correct amounts on hand for your jar.  There are a lot of very odd numbers on the penny challenge.  I would advise not to be afraid of doing a small amount of rounding to make it work with whole dollars if possible or even to the next change increment I.E. Turning 1.11-1.19 all into 1.20.  
  3. Having the cash on hand as well for the weekly one, even if you use an ATM you get whole larger bills, you will have to be willing in both cases to not be afraid to inconvenience a cashier for change when you are already checking out.  
  4. Again just keeping up with it, I am putting the checklists next to my calendar so that I see them everyday.  
  5. If you use a new bank account make sure you have free checking with no minimum amount and no monthly fee as this could quickly kill your savings.

     It will be a pain and towards the middle of the weekly one the amounts may even become a challenge.  If you can pull both of these off though you will have saved 2045$ after a year. This is my plan for future adventures.  You can use it for whatever you like though, saving for a down payment, vacation, an investment (my bank asks for a 1000$ minimum to start most investment funds.). I wish you the best of luck and I hope this helps you fund and plan adventures and that it is fun along the way. 

Hrolf The Ganger

A trip to CW Pencil Enterprise…The best day that was ever had in New York City

As I promised I went to New York City to go and see CW Pencil Enterprise for myself, and I had to best day in the history of New York (in my opinion.)

You can take this as a rock out in the United States on a budget kind of post as well.  I had kicked the idea around for a while, there is a pencil store so close-Boston and New York are close to me-so I had to see it for myself.  I get it, in the small community of stationary junkies, I am a small fish, but I still thought it would be awesome to hit the store up and just spend a day in New York City a place that a lot of my favorite movies and TV shows are set (I either obsess about something or I let it die) and this is what I do, I like to randomly go and do something.  I started my planning Amtrak.

 Amtrak is my new favorite way to travel, especially to a place that when I drove there I hated it. First off there is no ridiculous security line like the airport.  Went in, waited for the train, ate and then boarded.  A conductor scanned my ticket and we went on our way. The price is worth noting as well, I got to New York and back for 120$, and I did not have to drive in New York.  Add 40$ to the total for parking my car in Boston.  The train is something I am going to use as much as humanly possible on my adventures.  I had time to work or read whatever I wanted, I am not crazy about flying, no take off no landing, and I can go and buy my own soda rather than waiting for it to be brought.  If you travel by train you get to see some amazing views of the country.

Im not even sure where that is, somewhere between Boston and Connecticut, it is probably Rhode Island, but the whole thing just felt right.  Watching America go buy with a pencil in my hand was pretty great.  Im kind of stoked to figure out where to go next, but I will need to save for the next one.  The next thing about train travel is the people you meet.  Sure I probably lucked out this time, but right now it is train 1-plane 0.  On my last good plane ride I spent four hours listening to a woman who was convinced that denim was making a comeback in fashion, and she was excited about it.  Head phones are not the international symbol we think they are.  On the train I met a Vietnam veteran who was an actual hobo.

I asked him if I could write about him, he said that would be cool, but part of the story is about how many beers he had during this time so for the sake of his Dignity we will just be calling him JL on the off chance he was not sure to what he agreed to.  JL sat and rode for a while and looked well enough, minus the fact that he was running through beers at a good clip (he had them in his bag.  See what I mean about security? BYOB!) At some point I got a pepsi and he assumed the can to be beer and wanted to know why I paid the eight dollar train price of beer.  I told him it was soda, he then offered me a beer, to which I declined, being 0750 and all.  He told me his story.  He is a hobo (his term) and he was on his way to Tampa.  He stays in Boston as long as possible, and then heads south for the winter where he has connections with a lot of street people (his term also.)  His sister had bought him a nice new pair of boots as a Christmas gift, and his Ex had let him spend the night waiting on his train.  He said she woke him up promptly to be on his way.  He had a backpack with him and he would hop off the train to smoke at any stops longer than a minute.  He said if he missed the train he wanted me to have his bag.  We talked for a while about why he moved about.  He said he came back from Vietnam and eventually moved into a bottle and stayed there.  The long and short of it was that he travelled back and forth according to the seasons and ate and drank on his VA check while living in shelters.  He has it figured out and seems to work for him.  We enjoyed a little pizza before he hunted a liquor store and went on to his connecting train to move on.  If your in tampa and you spot JL remind him to call me so I can check up on him.  He has my number.

SO that leads us to my first slice of New York City pizza.  We had it at a place called Little Italy, that is the name of the eatery.

I was not disappointed.  New York Pizza was everything I had dreamed it could be.

Next came The Empire State Building.  The fee to go to the 86th floor was 35$.  That brings our total (with the pizza) to about 200$.  I wanted the open air observatory, so thats where I went rather than the top to be in a box.  It was here that I got to kill off a bucket list item.  They cram the elevators full for efficiency.  The second trip on one of them and as soon as the doors closed I said to the full elevator “I suppose you all are wondering why I gathered you here today.”  Needless to say the uncomfortable was palpable.  It took me fifteen minutes of tour dodging and security to get to the top.  Let us describe a special kind of cold at the top of that building.  However the photos and the recreation of a Home Alone 2 moment were worth it.  As well as meeting a British woman and her daughter who seemed to believe that my southern accent was from some forgotten colony island rather than the southern United States.

On my way out I acquired my Rough Guide to New York ( a must and it is in the first photo.)  Brings our total to 215$.  I escaped this building and set off on the three mile trek to CW Pencil Enterprise.  Here is part of the beauty of a trip like this.  Whip out the pocket guide, grab the map, plan your route and see what attractions are listed along the way.  A ton of them are things like buildings that cost you nothing at all to admire and take a photo of.  Things like The Flat Iron Building make me wish that I could sketch.  However I cannot sketch so I tell you how to visit cities and sites on a budget.


There is a ton of free city to experience along the way.  However the point of this entry is of course CW Pencil Enterprise.  We have arrived.

This is why I had come.  This is the reason for the trip in the first place.  Four hours on a train, three miles on foot, and do it all again later to see this wonderful little shop that has gotten so much press.  I know that I am a small fish in the world of blogging and especially among stationary junkies, however The Pencil Ladies will make you feel like they opened the store just so you can visit.  That is how awesome they are.  I got to meet two of them on this day.  I walked in, sat down my bag and proudly declared that I had trekked from Boston to see this store and write about it.  Caitlyn did not miss a beat and told me to stay as long as I like.  The resident blogger showed the shop off, allowed me to show off some of my own pencils and exchanged my dollars for quarters so that I could gleefully continue to feed them to the pencil machine in the store.  Eventually Caroline, the pencil lady that started it all, came in and I was introduced while trying not to come off as weird.  Again The Pencil Ladies are awesome.  They chatted with me for quite a while.  Now the super fun part comes in when two ladies who had already checked out and left came back to the store.  Apparently there is an Atlanta based stationary blogger/podcaster named Brad whom I mildly resemble (I am sure to them the accent is basically the same) and so they came back and asked if I was Brad.  I was not sure what was going on, but we eventually established who they were talking about and that I am not The Pen Addict.  However I was very flattered and of course the stories are the point of the whole thing.  They added me on Instagram and such (she’s a popular artist herself @penguinscreative April Wu, seriously she’s talented) and they allowed me to get a shot with them just because…they are awesome.

The Pencil ladies showed me some of their cooler vintage items, like a box os 1950s Blackwings and a 1920s case of mongol brand pencils, which we established the packaging was a little racist.


Lastly before taking off I presented them my humble offering.  I figured they would have some sort of wall of fame for analogue items people would bring to the store as an offering to The Pencil Ladies.  Turns out that is not a thing…not yet!  See for yourself that they enjoyed the excellent military compass!

I think it goes without saying that I gave up a good bit of my spending money in this store.  This will not be factored into the cost of the trip as you can recreate a trip similar to this without feeding an addiction.  I have two friends (you guys know Carl, and will soon know Tyler) who had asked for an awesome grab bag of graphite from my travels.  I was happy to suck them into this world with me.  I cannot lavish enough praise on this store or the wonderful ladies who run it, it will become a New York must for me.  They treat you like a friend the moment you hit the door.  Now the rest of this is going to go fast as it is getting long.

I made the trek back to the ESB.  I want to point out that every single citizen of New York that I encountered along the way was awesome.  Everyone was helpful, kind, did I say it was the perfect day?  Anyhow seeing as how this became a part pilgrimage for another one of my obsessions (Home Alone 2) I wanted to see The Plaza Hotel and Central Park.  I was getting low on time and would have to book it if I wanted photos.  Fifth Avenue here I go.  Free attractions along the way.

Along the way I encountered a building playing what could only be the soundtrack to Home Alone 2 and putting on a light show.  I asked an officer of the NYPD why this was happening.  He pointed behind me.  I had unknowingly come upon Rockefeller Center.  As any Home Alone Pilgrim would, I fell to my knees and wept…and face timed my son and mother so they could see…then I took pictures.

Now me ? I consider the things that you can see along the way to be free attractions  and a way to make the most of your trip.


In the end I made it to The Plaza Hotel, and had my photo taken on the steps in true Home Alone fashion.


After this I headed into Central Park.  I did not go far, I wanted my Grandparents to see it on FaceTime, and so I took them in as far as a bridge, and from the first bridge along the path of Kevin, I took what will be some of my favorite photos.  They will be seen after my signature when this finally ends.  It was 1850, I was low on time and had a train to catch and 1.5 miles back.  I started walking.  A quick duck into a store for souvenir NYC snow globes for the family and I made my train with twenty minutes to spare.  For less than 300$ I had an utterly awesome day in New York City and am already thinking ahead to what to do next time.  One of my big savings is that I walked.  New York is a walking city.  (The Ganger means Big Walker.)  I accomplished a lot of goals (home alone and otherwise) and I made my journey to see the awesome CW Pencil Enterprise and meet the pencil ladies.  Needless to say despite it being 0200, Carl came over and we dug into our goodies from the pencil store.  I hope you enjoy this and can take a trip on the cheap and live a little for yourself.

Hrolf The Ganger




Rules and tools.

Welcome back.  It is time to go for the second part of this life is an adventure blog.  This is where the rules and tools of the trades come in.  This will strike you as a little zombieland or NCIS, but it is a good way to live.  My Uncle Fred will attest that I have kept a little note book of reminders since before the movie so laugh all you want, but I am still alive.  You are also about to get a birds eye view into things I spend too much time thinking about.  Anyhow let us get right into the good stuff.  Your necessary gear list starts now.  Feel free to write this down hahahahaha (you’ll understand in a moment.)

Necessary Gear

  1.  A knife.
  2. A notebook.
  3. A pencil.
  4. A bag.

So part 1 is a knife.  This is also rule 1.  Again this is not a tv joke.  Live by the quote  A knifeless man (woman) is a lifeless man (woman).  The best tool you can have is a knife.  Multipurpose endless ammunition survival tool never ending uses knife.  Also make a note this is not the place to go cheap.  Your knife is your life, think that through when you are pricing them.


Some of my favorite pieces.  You have the Gerber folding tanto based off the IDF fighting knife, A gerber multi tool w/knife, the ever handy much knocked off Victorinox prize bragging rights of the school yard Swiss Army Knife, Skallywag Tactical dagger (advanced users only), the Gerber Bear Grylls survival knife (one of the best despite the name on it), and the beast of the western fighting force the Ka-Bar fighting knife (advanced users only).  Not pictured is the Case Medium Stockman, and the classic Opinel #8.  One day when Im running short on material I will do an in depth on each and every one of these beauties will get the job done, with a couple of caveats.  1.  do not just rely on a multi took, in fact have one of each if at all possible.  I personally have a fixed blade stashed somewhere with a folder in my pocket.  Congratulations you have now started your everyday carry kit.  Now that I have said it once I will henceforth refer to it as EDC.  These tools are not just for adventuring, it is just life.  It is a wacky wacky world.

2.  You are on an adventure! this is your life! write it down.  You need a notebook!  (also yes this is part of why I thought telling you to write it down earlier was funny.)

I love notebooks.  I have one for everything.  I have a journal (you see it in pictures on this blog) I don’t keep so much of a journal for myself anymore…I will work it out.  Anyhow Journal, rule/gear book, a notebook tracking which books I have read (and when), I keep the books in a notebook, a bucket list notebook, a notebook for when I read the Bible, and one day I will have a notebook to track what each notebook is for.  My notebook of choice is the great Moleskine.  It was the simple product of choice for years of adventurers, artists, writers, and whatever your hobby is they probably have a notebook specifically for that.  In the photo you will see some various choices.  Once you have payed for a nice knife you can rest assured that a simple composition book will do.  Whatever it is, there is not quite any feeling like seeing those pages fill up and knowing that it is your life, your story you are writing down.  The simple and sturdy notebook should you choose Moleskine has what you need and no more, a ribbon page marker, lined pages, an elastic strap to keep it closed, and a little accordion pocket for the odds and ends you pick up along the way.

3.  Along with the notebook comes another one of my favorite things in life is the pencil.  Humble lovable pencil, or as some call it The Russian Space Pen.

The pencil is your stylus of choice for any reason you can list.  Do not get me wrong, I love pens too, but the pencil is the way to go.  Reasons you ask?  The pencil doesn’t quit working despite still having ink, it does not dry out, it is unaffected by weird gravity fluctuations (despite the whole space pen, Russian story being just that), they just have that classic feel in your hand, the ink does run when wet, you can erase (some people say thats a reason not to use them), and when/if it breaks or gets dull you can use the knife that you most certainly have to resharpen your pencil, and you will feel awesome for having done so.  I keep a pretty large stash of pencils with me at all times (with my notebooks).  Whats not to love about a good #2???  Some of my favorites? Ticonderoga and Mirdao.

4.  Last but not least, a bag.  You will need a bag to carry everything with you.  The knife, a small notebook, and pencils can go in your pocket, but you can put more in a bag.  A bag holds your various other goodies, stuff you find, or your whole life when you are out on a journey.  Back pack is my norm, but I also enjoy a good messenger bag for a day at school.

These are my two carry all, be all bags for most every day.  Pictured is a black Goruck GR1, and a line of trade messenger bag.  Both of them are top of the line, and their price can reflect it.  The Goruck is meant to carry more crap than you can come up with, and the line of trade while it holds plenty is meant to carry the bare essentials.  I use the go ruck for everything you can imagine, during the week it carries my lunch, gym clothes and shoes, water bottle, and thermos.  The line of trade carries note book, pencils, and every school book and notebook, and computer for school.

These items are the start of your everyday carry and if you want to be able to pick up and go you will put them together.  Do not do it because I told you to, do it because you want to go where your feet carry you.

I just wish I was a little hungry again…Part 2

The Ganger is back.  Even though he hasn’t done an extreme amount of walking a lot has been going on.  I will not do much hemming and hawing I will just get right down to it this time.  Strap in folks you may be in for a long ride.

When I started this blog my first entry was a bunch of nonsense that popped into my head one night when I took some…medication…to help with my eyes for a night.  That nonsense however had a point.  The entry was titled “I just wish I was a little hungry again.”  It was based on a quote from The Crow (the ganger is a movie person) and that quote and the blog entry speaks to satisfaction or a lack there of.  I was talking about always chasing that next addition to my collection or the next big thing.  It always leaves me a bit unsatisfied.  I spread my self so thin trying to do all of the things I think I want to do that I end up not having the time to do any of them, and then I chastise myself for not doing chores or playing with my son more (now on this account that it is a matter of perspective and that I do a great deal with my son) and I spend more time beating myself up than I do getting anything done.

There will be a lot of accusations here, and they will all be directed at myself (mostly), when I teach classes at church I follow this same format where I pick out a problem with myself, one of my own flaws or sins and I teach about that rather than accusing others.  Any resonance you find with your own life is on you and a chance to do better if you feel the need to do so.  There will also be a lot of fight club references.

     The things you own, end up owning you. -Tyler Durden

The main point here is stuff, possessions, materialism and what it does to our value system.  My main drug of choice is comic books.  I have had a longstanding love affair with comic book characters, and now that I am able I am collecting the ones I wanted back when, while reading new series.  All of the new series it seems.  I have long been grinding at myself for what I spend on these things and when I went to school even though I was making money from the G.I. Bill and using part of it to increase my collection, I did not have time to read them all, or any really.  What I did was pile them up until the semester was over.  At the end of the semester I found my interest diminished by the size of the pile, my wallet lighter, and a mess that I did not know what to do with, and yet the nature of mild addiction made it hard for me to cut back.  Now having a second child on the way helped to spur me into action on this one matter.  Had to start putting away more money, and making sure there was more in the account and that I freed up some of my time to focus on what is important.  It helped to reinforce all the little mantras I had come up with.  “your son can not eat comic books, he can’t wear comic books, he can’t sleep under comic books.”

    This got worse after I went to school.  I have been places that are in extreme poverty, I have seen children in Baghdad playing in garbage piles, being under fed, dying from sickness that we treat so easily.  Anthropology and World Regional Geography just gave me a number to quantify how absurdly I was living (and the word quantify.)  It taught me that the international standard for poverty is a person living on less that 2$ a day, thats the price of two comic books.  I can’t fix the worlds problems no matter how I try, but I think in some way this allowed me to convince myself that I could do as I pleased with me and mine.  My son is three and I’ve piled so much stuff, toys, on him that it borders on ridiculous and I did it, it is my fault, but I am working on it and fixing it.  There is a saying “the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the next best time is today.”  I can’t take back all the things I have bought, I can’t undo it, but I can make tomorrow a better day by getting back to a better standard of myself.

    Many of us do OCR, or obstacle course racing, which is in itself ironic.  We have become such an…advanced society that we have to seek out physical adventure.  For me I will again reference Iraq, I have a bug, a need to go out and do these things.  For others it is the need to for the very first time get off the friggin couch and live a little.  There are as many reasons for racing as there are racers themselves.  My race of choice is Spartan race.  Many of us call ourselves spartans and read the spartan code, and yet there is a part of it that we forget because they do not mention it.  The word Spartan has become a descriptive term.  I first read it in the book “Cain” a man was described as spartan because his home did not have a single thing that he did not need.  Thats what spartan has come to need.  In this sense I am not spartan at all.  I have a lot of stuff I and my family do not need.  I have so much stuff in here that I cannot pick it all up, so many teas I have to keep a book to know which ones I have tried, so many games that we have never played some of them, so many movies that I feel the need to make lists to remind myself to watch them. We are pushing the weight limits for our military moves.  If I would move some of this out I bet we could fit into a smaller house and save our selves some money (MA housing prices not included, you can pay a lot for very little up here.)  I describe myself as being Un-Fight Club because of this.

We work jobs we hate so we can buy things we don’t need to impress people we don’t like. -Tyler Durden

      Take note, Club is not the golden standard.  It is not the light or the way.  I try to be a better man and lead a Christian life without intruding on the rights of others.  I have my faults and I confide some of them to you.  Fight club is a BOOK and a MOVIE both of which can be first classified as fiction.  It has some nifty quotes, some of which violate its own principles.  It is a movie about getting back to basic life that we paid money to go and see, and later to own.  Having a DVD player to watch fight club is very un fight club.  It is not a realistic approach to life and I could talk about that all day.  However some of those quotes have a point.  Realistically we will never be full like our ancestors.  We do not live in their world.  I have a work out tool that simulates chopping wood and heavy melee weapons for heavens sake.  However when we do need to get realistic is when this materialism gets into our minds and poisons our value systems.  This is where I stray from my own story some.  Ill start with an opinion.  Our kids used to want to be people with talents and skills, who had made a contribution to society on some level.  They wanted to be Babe Ruth because he could hit a ball and his love of the game, now they want to make the money that athletes make.  They wanted to be singers because their music was beautiful and inspiring, now there are actually kids who want to be the Kardashians…the most untalented hacks to ever be on tv.  We now make tv about being on tv.  Heaven help us.  The most recent example I have is a story from a friend of mine.  She says that a new girl came in to work at her job.  She was not dressed for the job, she was in need of work and now that she had it she most likely would get the clothes to go with it when she could.  She should be getting support for being willing to work and face the job down in what she had.  Instead my friend was pulled aside by a coworker and the coworker mocked the girl for not being able to afford the clothes she would need on her first day of work.  My friend being the upstanding person they are went out and got the girl what she would need.  She did it on a budget, but the girl was very grateful, grateful in a way that should make a person like me hang my head with the excess I show sometimes.  The coworker did not stop, she thought that work had made the girl go change, and that this was funny.  The rest of them explained that my friend had helped her out.  This was not for my friends credit, or to the girls shame, it was to shut this unstoppable moron up.  It worked.  Now I would ask that someone get ahold of her and try to help her pick this mess up if she can be helped.

     Now we work up to a solution.  I know to much stuff sounds like a good problem to have.  I am trying to become more grateful and to live it.  To be hungry again really means to be satisfied and content and live a life I deem to be worth living and to have true value.  One of my favorite pictures I have seen says “To love your children spend twice as much time with them and half as much money.”  I love that, and I am trying to live it.  I have been taking my three year old geocaching.  Today he told his mother about it and that means something.  I have not spent a dime on it ( helps that I already had a car and smart phone), and I am not putting down all spending (see my fenway article) but that was huge that a three year old points out that I took him to the woods rather than let him watch more tv.

     Now for a workable solution.  First we implemented a budget with the envelope system.  I think it important to note that I have not created debt doing any of this, that thankfully is not one of my problems, but a budget never hurts and creating a tangible limit like the envelope system is not a bad idea.  Next comes the purge.  I got out a note pad and I numbered 1-30.  Those thirty slots were possessions I was immediately able to declare safe from the purge.  Most things were not off limits.  Tooth brush, most of my clothes, etc were off limits.  I say most because even though I consider my taste in foot wear simple its possible to pile them up.  However after that I filled those 30 slots.  I left room to state why I wanted to keep those things if need be.  IF you want to read the list you can, if not skip it and go on reading.

  1. Bible-Specifically the one my wife gave me.
  2. My nice watch.
  3. Black GR1.
  4. My pipe my son gave me.
  5. Ka-Bar-Wife gave me.
  6. My Camera
  7. Journal
  8. Skallywag Dagger
  9. Tomahawk-wife gave me
  10. Hob nail tea set
  11. mjolnir pendant
  12. large one of same above
  13. drinking horns
  14. blowing horn
  15. lock wife gave me from afghanistan
  16. pocket watch-wife gave for last anniversary
  17. record player
  18. records
  19. tournament chess set-Mother gave me for birthday
  20. nine mens morris board
  21. pocket knife
  22. red sox foam fingers-took son to game
  23. Bruins foam fingers-same reason
  24. black Louisville slugger
  25. 35 lbs kettle bell
  26. 53 lbs kettle bell
  27. military watch
  28. wedding ring
  29. Ka-Bar-OIF model my uncle bought me
  30. Bone dice cup

There you have it.  Those are the 30 no questions asked.  Now it gets interesting.  Now everyday I pick something I want to keep and I right it down, and then however I have to pay for it by getting rid of something.  I can sell it on eBay, give it away, yard sale, whatever have you, but it has to leave.  I have the will to make this work so that I will not bring in replacements.  Like I said I won’t get the money back for a lot of these mistakes, but I can fight to not repeat them.  This system forces me to decide what is important, to de clutter my life, and spend more time living.  I can’t say that it will work for you, or that you will need it, but it is helping me.  They are things, and they will not own me.  Another friend of mine once said “Shut up Bledsoe is about to tell a story, and they are always good ones.”  I want to make sure that I am always out doing the things that make those good stories not sitting in my piles of crap still being hungry because I have to much.  It is time to get hungry, time to get grateful, and get busy living.

Hrolf The Ganger

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