Spidey #1 review, spoiler warning.

Reviews cut into reading time which is in preciously short supply these days so I will attempt to be brief.  This review is for Spidey #1 from marvel. Possible spoilers past this point.  I will now place a large picture between you and them. 

If you are a Spider-Man fan, yes this comic is for you.  If you were kind of hoping and wishing that you could go back to the good old days when Spider-Man was in school and things were simpler, yes this comic is for you.  If you have grown tired of worlds where Spider-Man has other Spider-Men all the time and you want a comic that rehashes all the old school story lines, then stop reading this and go grab Spidey.  I will be picking up the second issue tomorrow.  

Here come the spoilers.  Gwen Stacy is alive, but that’s because we are basically back when. She’s not a super hero (as of yet), Flash Thompson isn’t venom and is still just a high school jerk.  Spider-Man is just Peter Parker and to drive that idea home, Otto Octavious shows up havoc style just like the good old days.  Norman Osborne still runs oscorp and kind of talks to a goblin version of himself in the mirror.  Caveat? This is in modern times.  People tweet about Spider-Man.  It is not obnoxious like the current run of batgirl though.  If you think this was spoiler light that’s because this isn’t a long read, it gets down to all that Spider-Man wise cracking we love and makes your heart burst with nostalgia.  

Hrolf The Ganger


Uncanny Avengers, Volume 3, Issue #1

**Spoiler warnings**  Under no circumstance should you read this review if you want to be surprised by this comic.  I will now post a gratuitous picture of the cover so that there is a barrier between you and the actual words…scrolling past is your own fault.

Gerry Duggan, Ryan Stegman, and Richard Isanove have brought the Avengers Unity squad back for a third time.  I am fairly certain this is going to rock out compared to the second volume.

Duggan is a very prolific veteran of writing Deadpool, so it is only fitting that he gets to be the one who writes Deadpool as an Avenger.  If you wish for additional reading go back and read the Deadpool and Captain America special from Death of Wolverine, and Axis, making sure to focus on Iron Man telling Deadpool he would never be an Avenger.

Let us go ahead and admit a fact, one simple immutable fact.  We are all here because Deadpool is on the cover of an Avengers comic.  Thats why we came.  Let us go ahead and read off the rest of the teams lineup while we still care.

  • Deadpool, Wade Wilson
  • Doctor Voodoo, Jericho Drumm
  • Human Torch, Johnny Storm
  • Quicksilver, Pietro Maximoff
  • Rogue, Anna Marie
  • Steve Rogers
  • Synapse
  • Spider-Man, Peter Parker

So this comic starts out dropping some definite hints towards some major terrine mist event.  Maybe I missed it as it could have been in one of the other 1000 Marvel titles I no longer let pile up.  Most likely what has happened is that it is something that has not happened yet due to Secret Wars dragging out longer than a Russian winter.  Any how we get a view of a couple of small hippy events that obviously involve T-mist converts.  Next flash over to our first shot of the current Unity Squad.  They have a small fight, bordering on uninteresting until they show it to be basically a power stealing robot, and Deadpool puts he bare skin on it.  This kills it dead flat…

Spider-man leaves after the fight because he is tired of Deadpool.  He also makes some really awesome Deadpool jokes…almost fourth wall busting.  Rogue is kind of tired of synapse.  Again we are missing some information on the events that led to all of this Inhuman goodness.  Spider-man more or less resigned rather than left, he hung around to hate on Deadpool with human torch.  Steve Rogers tries to hold the team together, while Rogue joins in the anti Deadpool crowd.  Hilarity ensues when it is shown that the Unity Squad is now essentially funded by a Deadpool super store, that the avengers must walk through to get to their headquarters.  Rogue removes a glove and reveals T-mist damage and the need to ingest some form of serum to help counteract the damage.  More information we will get when Secret Wars ceases to be sap collection.  Later Steve Rogers shows that quicksilver is enjoying some time with his dates, as Rogers puts it “having found out that he isn’t Magneto’s child.”  This picks up the thread from Axis with the Scarlet Witch.  I am once again going to have to assume we are missing the part where this becomes official.

Quicksilver’s date (with Synapse) is cut short as what appears to be an Inhuman event in Boston.  Deadpool (noticing a theme here?) makes no less than three Boston jokes, which is perfect because I am writing this in, as well as the fact that The Hall of Comics is located in Boston Metro West.  Deadpool’s Boston jokes alone are reason enough to buy this comic.  Read it yourself for the end 🙂

Final Verdict: I will be buying #2.  This new Avengers (Deadpool) comic is drawn and reads like a Spider-Man (Deadpool) and so far does not make the mistake of trying to take itself too seriously.  I give it an easy A, head on down to The Hall of Deadpool and pick yours up….Deadpool.


Hrolf the Ganger

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