Haunted by a ghostwriter…

as promised our ghostwriter has left something for us.  I have agreed to post what hey give us with them retaining full control.  Enjoy and I’m sure the ghostwriter would enjoy some feedback, thank you.   

The moon was pale

The bitter cold air stings her lungs with every shallow breath she takes

She is alone in her thoughts.

The woods are deep, dark and unforgiving 

She welcomes her demons to come out…to dance with them, to play with them…

She wants to kiss them, to hold them close.  
A part of her will die tonight, she does not fear this death, she welcomes it. 
The chaos in her heart wants peace

Her soul will be stripped bare

What once was will never be
“Miles to go before I sleep”
The light of dawn breaks within her
She Emerges

The Ghostwriter.

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