What we need is some high ground…

The Ganger is finally back.  I’ve got myself spread thin as per the normal.  I do not have a large great post ready to go, however I do have some fun planned.  First and foremost this Saturday at noon Team Minuteman will be gathering in Plymouth MA to take a little walk again.  The Ganger loves going for walks, especially ones that involve good people, horns, hammers, and armor and good old honesty.  The honesty I speak of is the pain of some out OUR veterans and their families.  It is a beautiful thing that goes on and it is amazing to see the support.

Second, I saw a post a week or so ago where some parents had been making their children believe that the dinosaur toys had been coming to life and creating mischief.  They did this to preserve their children’s sense of wonder and imagination during an age filled more and more with external stimulation that doesn’t even require reading.  I decided this elf on a shelf like idea was a great one.  Not to be outdone I didn’t steal the idea entirely.  See with Liam I have been teaching him things myself and his mother both love, we have been doing pretty good.  His interests are scooby doo, muppets, Peter Pan, peanuts, comics, and toy story.  I love toy story in a way that it almost demands a post all to itself.  Maybe it will get one when I decide to fully open the babbling flood gates.  Any how, yes I went on a toy story quest.  Here is my process to this whole thing.

  1. Get the toy story figures (any Mr. Potato head will do)
  2. Give them to the child so that they are aware of them.
  3. Make him put them to bed in a certain spot so it’s very obvious when they move…
  4. Make a page of ideas for them.

So you can do this with things your children have already, but I decided to go with toy story.  Here are the first few goes.


Yes much to the wife’s utter disbelief I bought the actual toy story toy soldiers despite how many he already has…  They toys are working together to get to the computer.  Their Google search? Andy’s house.  Liam wasn’t all that shocked though…

 Next was the toys performing potato head surgery.

 i have no idea what happened to potato head to where he needed this help???  I have no idea, but it seemed traumatic.

Next Buzz and Woody were spotted searching through a large bag of action figures for villains, potato head and rex in close support.

Not a lot else has gone on.  Like I said Carry the fallen this Saturday.  If you are interested search Facebook for Carry the Fallen Plymouth.  Register and raise some money.  Weekend after that on the 20th is the first of this seasons Spartan races for the Ganger this season.  Training has been slow, but promising.  I have been improving the home gym as we go and using it as best as I can.  My favorite tool of course being the good old fashion Russian Iron Kettle bell.

The most fascinating piece of news that I can give you, if you have stayed with us up until this point.  I can tell you that the Ganger has stumbled onto a ghostwriter.  This ghostwriter has a story to tell and is going to allow the Ganger to tell it here, so I am going to be working on promoting some, whats the point of a blog if no one reads it, especially when another person is depending on this site for their story to be heard.  first post from the ghostwriter will show up soon.

In a sad twist Sir Christopher Lee passed away on the 7th, and we have learned of it today.  This man was a legend and loaned his talent to many of the Gangers favorite films.  This of course means that Christopher Lee fest will begin soon, complete with posts.  This is something you will have to get used to as by being my reader ” you have chosen the way of pain.”

Harold the Ganger

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